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Monday, 1st Hour: Thorpe,Nabours,Oravits talk ballot access, prop 126, clean elections and more.

1st Segment
• Comments from Rep. Bob Thorpe regarding the KAVANAUGH Supreme Court confirmation hearings.
• Thorpe talks 3rd party access and responds to former Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Berry Hess’s comments from last week on the show regarding ballot access changes the Legislature passed.

2nd Segment
• Thorpe talks about clean elections money winding up in the coffers of the Arizona Democrat Party and how prop 306 will change that if passed.

3rd Segment
• Jeff and Jerry talk about the new proposition guide at  where you can learn about statewide and local propositions and see how Jeff and guests are voting.

• Jeff, Jerry and Bob talk local and state pension reforms and prop 306. Are pensions running on empty? Will prop 306 fix it?

4th Segment
• A ban on sales tax on services (prop 126). Jeff and Jerry are on board. Rep Thorpe, not so much.

The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday – Friday from 3-5PM & Sundays at 8:30AM on 97.1FM and streams at and

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