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NAU, what’s the plan for the $13million land purchase?

In this segment of the show, Jeff asks,

What’s NAU’s plan for these two prime Milton Avenue frontage parcels in Flagstaff?

Jeff poses some questions that he hopes NAU will answer and comments on why he thinks these recent land purchases, totaling around $13million, are drawing the attention and criticism of many in Flagstaff. Jeff also extends an invitation to President Cheng to come on the show and talk about this and other NAU issues with his listeners.

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  1. Maybe it is time to reconsider as to property tax, in this case, being exempt from property tax and being exempt from City Zoning, etc. for Colleges, Universities. Perhaps it is time to require property tax and zooning laws as to the City for Colleges, Universities.

      • No students should not vote in city elections, unless they also reside in Flagstaff, meaning their family has a home in Flagstaff because not all go off to a college out of town or State. And as to early voting, you may not like it but I certainly do because it is easier to mail in the ballot than go to the voting polls. Not everyone has autos nor transportation nor in the best of health. If one files their vote for a prop or candidate early, nine times out of 10 their mind has been made up. As to the thinking, most people hang on to their ballot and mail it before due time. Those who disrespect our Flag do not deserve to be on the City Council.

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