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Dennis Lavin on ICE: “The Sheriff is following the law”

Dennis Lavin is a candidate for the Flagstaff City Council and according to Dennis, at a recent candidate forum, he was

“the only candidate to stick up for the sheriff and say he was doing his job and what the law requires.”

Included in this segment are clips from a recent interview with Coconino County Sheriff Jim Driscoll explaining the law and describing who’s being held on ICE detainers.

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  1. The Sheriff as well as citizens have to obey the Laws of the Land, we had a president-Obama who decided that there were some Laws which should be ignored and were; so now we have this huge problem with various peoples which think they are Above the Law and behave like petulant children if they do not get their way. Our Vice Mayor Whelan seems to think only certain peoples should be recognized. She fails to realize she is to Represent All Peoples, not just a few. Too bad we can’t replace the whole Flagstaff City Council now.

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