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Vice Mayor Whelan Flying Flag Upside Down

The Vice Mayor of Flagstaff, Jamie Whelan, recently changed her profile picture on Facebook to display an upside down U.S. Flag with the words “in dire distress” typed beneath.


According the the U.S. Flag Code, title 4, chapter 1, section 8

(a) The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

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  1. If we are in distress it’s because of the liberal mobs who lack civility and not because of the current administration. Whalen shoud be a shamed of herself!

  2. Jeff- Come on, enough with the fake outrage…Remember, there is such a thing as free speech in this country. Many folks are alarmed at what Trump and the Trumpetized Republican party have done with many of the safeguards and protections for voting rights, endangered species, EPA regulations, the educational system, etc, etc. In almost every way possible they have taken a huge dangerous step for the future of the planet and our children. In twenty years people will look back at this time and wonder how America could be so abased in the eyes of the world. Where we were once a world leader and the “shining city on the hill”, we are becoming a country to be scorned for failure of leadership, bullying and lack of vision.SAD!!!

    • Lowest unemployment since 1969 plus many other accomplishments if you care to do some homework, I’m sure you proudly flew the flag while Obama attacked citizens with the IRS and killed with his Mexico gun running. Trumpetized? lol. I would also like to know why Flagstaff Needs a Raise blocks everyone with differing opinions on their page, the left are all inclusive sure, Back to the point have a feeling old know-nothing hippies like the Vice-Mayor have always wanted to to fly the flag upside down.

    • You are so right, the World is wondering why the DNC and all it represents in today’s World has not been kicked in the pants long before now. 🙂

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