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Sinema, Whelan, False GOP Donation: A Week of Stupid on the RIGHT and LEFT

Two GOP staffers out of Flagstaff were fired this week after going to Democrat Congressman Tom O’Haloran’s office and attempting to make a donation under false names as communists. This kind of idiotic behavior should not be tolerated and we should all condemn this.

The Vice Mayor of Flagstaff, Jamie Whelan, continues to fly a U.S. Flag on her Facebook page upside down with the words “in dire distress” underneath it. Presumably this is a political protest although the Vice Mayor has declined to elaborate the specifics of her “dire distress”.


The Mayor of Flagstaff, Coral Evans, has come to the Vice Mayors defense by posting this, #ISupportJamiesFreedomOfSpeech


Like I’ve said multiple times on my show, there’s never been any doubt that the Vice Mayor has the right to fly the Flag upside down, she has the right but it’s just wrong and most of us would not do it.  Mayor Evans, you support her right to do this but do you approve of the action in its self?

And a note here, you don’t need to send me pictures of the Tea Party or other right leaning groups doing this during Obama’s Presidency. I’ve seen them. And to this I say, shame on them for doing it just as I say shame on Vice Mayor Whelan for doing this.

Finally, multiple videos were dredged up this week in which Democrat Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema said disparaging things about Arizona, Arizona’s politicians and Arizona’s politics in general, including this comment,

“Arizona is clearly the meth lab of democracy.”

She also compared soldiers deaths in Iraq to the deaths that illegal immigrants suffer in the Arizona-Mexico desert.

Well, early ballots are out, time to vote and I’ll just leave it at this, there was plenty of stupid to go around this week from all sides.

Jeff Oravits

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