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Walt Blackman: I-17, Upside down FLAG, Gosar endorsement

On traffic challenges and accidents on I-17:

Develop the infrastructure on I-17. A  coalition at the Legislature to push for NAZ infrastructure.


“best job I ever had”

His thoughts on those flying the U.S. Flag upside down who claim they’re in “distress”:

“if you feel like your in distress, get in a humvee, ride in the middle of Baghdad, or Fallujah or in Afghanistan, and when your vehicle starts blowing up around you, that’s distress”


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  1. Please vote for Walt Blackman. I-17 needs that 3rd lane each side of the Interstate but also, ADOT needs to Improve the Highways on the East Side of Arizona for heavy traffic too as Winslow, Holbrook, Snow Flake, Payson, etc. deserve better highway structure. The State is building a direct route from Phoenix to Las Vegas…why should that be their only consideration. Arizona is growing and so is traffic; why not look at rail transportation too, North To South? There are options which should be looked at. As to Flagstaff, the Zoning Commission seems to ignore the density of traffic on Milton, even Butler Ave. as well as growing on University, Woodland Blvd., just traffic in all areas of Flagstaff; housing shortage/affordability is not stagnating Flagstaff yet, but Traffic needs to be faced and bicycles just is not going to solve the problems, only create more. Autos are not going to go ‘out of style’ as weather and distance to anywhere still exists. How many more years to not even consider a different route to Snow Bowl, Flagstaff is not going to suffer if bypass is possible to get to the Snow Bowl. We would still be swamped by tourists.

  2. And please re-elect Senator Sylvia T. Allen for State Legislature District 6; The mail ad put out by the opposition to Senator Allen is misinformation as Senator Allen has been a strong supporter for Education in the 10 years she has been in the State Senate. She has supported at least 18 bills in the Senate for education improvement. She is a fiscal conservative in that Less Government, not more Government; not supporting Taxes for Tax sake but for having more money in one’s pocket; Less waste in Government. Senator Allen has been a good Senator to Arizona and to District 6. Needless to say I am voting to re-elect Sylvia Tenney Allen for Arizona District 6; hope you too will do the same. Senator Allen is suppose to be on Jeff’s program soon, please listen.

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