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AZ Governors Race: Ducey and Garcia

Still deciding who to vote for for governor?

Both candidates for Arizona Governor were recently on the show.

Republican Doug Ducey PLAY
Democrat David Garcia PLAY

Catch interviews like these everyday on the Jeff Oravits Show at 4PM. In Northern Arizona tune in to 97.1FM. Everywhere else, stream the show at

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  1. Sorry, can’t swallow Mr. Garcia’s plan for Arizona. Considering the education our children, young adults have received at the propaganda taught in our schools and lack of teaching Truth in History as well as Working of Government-our Republic U.S. Constitution, the Democrats have not proven their worth in Education but have failed miserably. I believe in Merit and that goes with Teachers. And unfortunately the Teachers Union guarantees jobs but Not Merit in the teaching profession. We have for Decades had poor teaching in our schools, the 3 R’s badly lacking, so is History, Geography, Science, Civics. The Schools from grade through College and beyond, think Social subjects are more important than know how to read, write, count, how to multiply, divide, how to Reveal Truth instead of Propaganda; to shut down freedom of expression as well as thought. No, I am sorry Mr. Garcia but I can not vote for you as you are for Open Borders and look at the Mess we have had due to Illegal Immigrants as well as those Invaders who are headed this way because they are not brave enough to Fight for their Country. Your lack of Understanding as to what is needed to support those who come here illegally as to jobs, housing, medical, schools, transportation, food, etc. because when Over Population happens, so does the Standard of Living drop, where Life becomes Cheap. I don’t want that for our Nation. I want those who come here to enter legally, who are willing to Obey Our Laws, Our Customs, Our Culture. So I hope Arizona re-elects Governor Doug Ducey.

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