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11/14/18 Podcast: Debt Crisis, American Smoke-out, Commissioner Garrison

Jeff talks about our growing national debt crisis in America. Interest payments to exceed payments for defense and medicaid. Some blame Trump but as Jeff discusses this is a problem created by both Republicans and Democrats that’s been decades in the making.

Jeff chats with Gerry Roerty of Swedish Match of North America about the Great American Smoke-out which commences Thursday, November 15th. This is an effort to get people to stop smoking.

Vice Chair of the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors Randy Garrison discusses a land swap in the Verde Valley. He and other Supervisors worked successfully with Congressman Paul Gosar on this after 10 years of D.C. delays. Also discuss work on Route 260, roundabouts and the Yavapai County economy.

Jeff proposes a solution to the GREAT STATE of MARICOPA’s continued dominance in rural politics in Arizona.

Catch an all new Jeff Oravits Show tomorrow at 4PM with Representative Elect Walt Blackman on 97.1FM and streaming at

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