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Two recent medical segments: Dr. Shortage and Circumcision Rates Down

Dr. Elaina George, author of Big Medicine talks with Jeff about a doctor shortage in the U.S. More info on Dr. George at

Anthony Losquadro, founder of talks about a trend of declining circumcision rates in the U.S.



  1. Happy Holidays Mr. Jeff… Great radio show ! Your article, about lack of doctors, in USA.. henceforth, my forwarding to you, about Verde Valley Medical Center/Northern Az. Health Co.s hiring manager, said they are ‘short’ of staff. Professionals (medical/doctors) do not want to work, here. Why ? $$$ or lack of ‘good wages’. Also, explained, in Verde Independent Newspaper, one of the oldest doctors,in Cottonwood/had,a 1 doctor office, for years, also explained, the issues, in Cottonwood. The doctor’s daughter,(RN) has a practice, in Cottonwood, at the present time. Again..for your information. Merry Christmas/Happy New Year 2019, with Best Wishes and Peaceful prayers and abundance.. forevermore, I am..Walter

  2. Good Thursday Mr. Jeff… This is a follow-up..with doctor shortage ? Dr Jochim, is the Cottonwood doctor/ 78-years young whom delivered 12,000 Verde Valley Babies.Opened in 1972, an obstetric/gynecology doctor. Included in this news article, Northern Az. Healthcare, Ms Barbara Firminger, said ‘fewer and fewer physicians are turning towards primary care’. Article by Vyto Starinskas, orginally published: Feb.20,2018. FYI… Happy Happy Happy Holidays..for you and your family. Cheers.

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