Podcast, Tuesday, Feb 5: Debt crisis! Valuations up 20%, NAU Down, Raheel Raza on Radicalization

Tuesday’s Podcast

Over 70% of Americans say, tax those making over $10,000,000 a lot more!
But what happens if people come after your money next?

Jeff got a tax valuation notice from the County. According to the County, values have gone up by 20%. Couple this with a property tax increases of up to 14% and your wallet is gonna hurt!

National DEBT Crisis! The U.S.A. is at 108% of GDP. Both parties are spending like drunken sailors, and the electorate is letting it happen!

NAU misses enrollment target and is now short upwards of $11,000,000.

Raheel Raza returns to the program to talk about radicalization of youth and how groups like ISIS are recruiting younger Americans and how to stop it!

ON THE NEXT SHOW, Elisha Dorfsmith and LIVE listener comment! 877-971-3971.
ONLINE http://www.TalkWithJeff.com

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