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PODCAST EXTRA: Kirkpatrick the Follower

There was a stark contrast at the SOTU amongst two Democrat Arizona members of Congress, Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick. Rep Ann Kirkpatrick appears to be taking her cues from Ocasio Cortez, constantly checking with her and her Democrat leadership handlers to make sure, is it ok to clap, should I stand, what should I do? Apparently unable to lead and think for herself! Watch the video! It’s clear as day that she can’t act without being cued by her Democrat leaders, especially, from Ocasio Cortez, whom she sat just a couple seats away from. 

Now contrast this to Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema who can clearly be seen as the lone standing Democrat applauding on several occasions after President Trumps remarks. She stood on her own, without lookin to leadership and was clearly thinking for herself. Now don’t get me wrong, Sen. Sinema and I disagree on some serious policy issues, but atleast it appears she can think for herself, unlike Ann Kirkpatrick.

This was on full display when president trump said this about Socialism, “America will never be a socialist country”. 

While most in the chamber enthusiastically clapped, Republicans and Democrats, and many stood and clapped, including Sen Kyrsten Sinema, there’s Ann and her buddies Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders who could not even stand for this simple statement, “the United States will never be a socialist country”. They couldn’t stand!

So Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, will you stand on your own without looking to anyone else for a cue as to what to do? Maybe you should meet with Senator Sinema for some tips on leadership. We need leaders in D.C., not followers.

And Congresswoman Kirkpatrick, what is your stance on socialism?  Will you stand with President Trump and Senator Sinema  and millions of Americans and Arizonan’s and say, we are not and will not be a socialist country. We will not go the way of Venezuela and so many failed socialist experiments. We will not turn our back on our nations founding principals. We will not turn our back on what made us great and as President Trump so perfectly stated in the state of the union,  “America will never be a socialist country”.  Can you, Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick be a leader and stand up and say it, ”America will never be a socialist country”? Or do you stand (or in this case sit) by your colleagues, and democrat socialist friend Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and self proclaimed socialist  Bernie Sanders?  What say you Ann Kirkpatrick? Socialism or Capitalism, I think your constituents deserve an answer. 

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