PODCAST Wednesday FEB. 6th: Dorfsmith; Smoking age 100? Kirkpatrick’s Bad Night, Sinema’s Good Night, Trumps Triumph

Elisha Dorfsmith co-hosts
the show today.
Jeff and Elisha start off with:

President Trump’s State of the Union Address and one of the greatest statements in modern SOTU addresses,

“America will never be a socialist country!”  President Trump

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick is too weak to stand up against socialism. Seriously, watch the video, she starts getting up, looks at her leader(s), like Ocasio Cortez, who she sat by, and didn’t stand opposed to socialism. Contrast this to Senator Sinema who stood and applauded President Trumps comments opposing socialism.

Elisha Dorfsmith fills us in on a proposal to increase the smoking age to 30, maybe even 100! That’s older than Ocasio Cortez.

Elisha also talks about a slew of GOP tax increase proposals that add up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Jeff gets an email from a listener who received a notice of valuation increase on his home of about 50%! WATCH OUT HUGE TAX INCREASES COMING.

PLUS listeners chime in on Trumps SOTU.

Catch and all new show tomorrow at 4PM.
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