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Podcast, Monday Feb 11th: Sen. Mesnard, Rep. Blackman, Elisha Dorfsmith

Senator J.D. Mesnard discusses his push to STOP a massive Arizona State Income Tax INCREASE!

“feels like the tax payers are being held hostage”
Sen. Mesnard

“Largest income tax (AZ) increase ever, or at least in modern history”
Sen. Mesnard

Representative Walt Blackman
(LD6) discusses a controversy that went national this weekend between him and the East Valley NAACP President. 

walt_blackman_ld6.jpg“he had put a call out to take me to task”
Rep. Blackman

“he is doing the same thing that he is accusing the other side of doing but the irony is he is doing it to another person of color.”
Rep. Blackman

“I am very surprised that the black community has attacked me as much as they have attacked me”
Rep. Blackman

Former Sustainability Commissioner Elisha Dorfsmith talks about THE GREEEN NEW DEAL. Spoiler alert, this isn’t new. Radical environmentalists have been trying to take your car and steak for a long time!Dorfsmith_Studio


Catch and all new show tomorrow at 4PM

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