Podcast, Tuesday Feb 19: Congresswoman Debbie Lesko


0:00 – 5:00
Huge floods in Verde Valley.
Standing water throughout NAZ and lots of snow already on the ground and more to come!

It’s a fight to the left! Bernie Sanders announces 2020 run. Jeff discusses how this may impact the Democrat CD1 race and could propel Eva Putzova to the nomination. 

6:00-35:00 ARIZONA CONGRESSWOMAN Debbie Lesko
spends time with Jeff and talks a broad range of topics including:

• Why she voted no on last weeks spending bill.
• How this bill actually has a “poison pill” that stops the deportation of illegal aliens, including cartel members.
• Jeff asks why politicians force huge 1,000 plus page bills in which we all know no one can read.

“Wow, it is so partisan in Washington D.C.”

“I started out being mad, now I’m just sad, because I came here to get things done and that’s what the American people want us to do…not have some political theater show”

       Congresswoman Debbie Lesko

35:00-42:00 URANIUM IN A BUCKET at the Grand Canyon and stuck in quick sand in Utah.

Catch an all new show tomorrow at 4PM!
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