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Podcast, Wednesday Feb 20: Green New Deal vs. FLG Climate Plan, DNA Testing, Snow Talk



  • Jeff got a new iPhone, that wasn’t cheap
  • Is NAZ in for a HUGE storm? Elisha and Jeff discuss.
  • DNA testing to be mandated in AZ in order to have certain jobs? Elisha explains

    “I find myself for the past couple weeks…really pointing out some of these things going on in the legislature and scratching my head.” Jeff

    “What are they going to do with these DNA tests?” Elisha

  • A Cottonwood caller calls in and says they already canceled school in Cottonwood, that’s gotta be rare!
  • Jeff predicts snow totals somewhere between 0 and 6’


  • It’s not a snow storm on radar…it’s cows fleeing California because California is most likely to adopt Ocasio Cortezes Green New Deal First.
  • The Green New Deal VS The Flagstaff Climate Action Plan


  • Largest snow storms in Flagstaff history?
  • Breaking down  the Green New Deal vs. Flagstaff Climate Action Plan.


  • How are they gonna pay for all this stuff?
  • Legislative Immunity Survives at the Legislature
  • At Birth Abbortion Bill Unanamously Voted Down in Committee at the Legislature. 

All new shows weekdays.

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