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Podcast, Monday Feb 25: Kids Should be Showing up to Senators Offices Because of Debt and Mortgaging Their Future!


All those in and seeking public office should be able to tell you
where they stand as far as their economic philosophy. Are you a socialist? Are you a capitalist? This should be one of the defining questions of the 2020 election.

Where did this 12 year “the world is going to end” deadline come from? Jeff explains.

Kids visited Senator Diane Feinstein’s office to beg her to act on and vote for Ocasio Cortez’s Green New Deal. Jeff explains why these kids, and everyone for that matter, should be more concerned with the U.S. debt and Treasuries eventually selling at 3.7%. It’s much more probable these kids lives will be negatively impacted by this rise in debt and debt service versus a 1.5˚ increase in temperature.

A listener shared the response he received from the Governors office regarding the largest income tax in modern AZ history.

Eva Putzova wants to go to Congress and represent you. Where’s she stand on the Green New Deal?

Olivia Oravits visits with Jeff and tells us about a big even for Arizona and our nation. She also humbles dad’s superior snow driving skills.

The Jeff Oravits Show is all new weekdays at 4PM.

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