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Podcast, Tuesday Feb 26th: KERPEN on foreign price controls. GALLI on bill for lower student wages.


Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment discusses prescription drugs, what they cost to bring to market and why foreign price controls are forcing American pharmaceutical prices higher. 

What’s it cost to bring a new drug to market?
“it’s billions with a B”. Phil Kerpen

SHANE from Cottonwood calls in and asks what are our kids being taught in school. Jeff responds!

Joe GALLI, Senior Advisor Public Policy for the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce discusses HB2523. If a person is 22 years or younger, full time student and working 20 hours or less, an employer can pay Federal Minimum Wage ($7.25).

A few quotes from Joe Galli

“As you go through the drive through line at any fast food restaurant, what were good kids jobs, or young people jobs are now becoming filled by people that have more experience”.

“After 2 years of the developer working with the City staff, to get this project thru planning and zoning and up to council, it got slapped right back down!”

“the council says they’re for economic development, the mayor says she’s for economic development and affordable housing, here’s a great opportunity and it was just punched right back!

“We’re scratching our heads. What direction do we really want to go?”

“Our housing costs are 44% higher than the national average.”

New show at 4PM, weekdays…


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