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Podcast, Wednesday Feb 27th: Thorpe, Hobbs, Babbott, Rauschenbach, Olivia and Theodore Roosevelt!


1st SEGMENT (0-12:00)
Jeff breaks down what’s being called a Flagstaff “Bail Out” as a result of Flagstaff’s highest in the state, and one of the highest in the nation minimum wages. Also, how did Arizona’s Senators vote on the “Born Alive” bill in Congress?

2nd & 3rd SEGMENTS (12:00-32:00)
Rep. Bob Thorpe
chimes in on Student Minimum Wage Bill and a bill to “Bail Out” Flagstaff’s adult special needs providers because of Flagstaff’s HIGH minimum wage.

“I would truly prefer a one time ‘Get out of Flagstaff’ moving fund for these nonprofits and other negatively impacted businesses. Members of the Flagstaff City Council and the voters created this mess by first proposing and then enacting the second highest minimum wage in the nation”  Rep. Thorpe

“Williams is looking pretty good these days…you could move down to Cottonwood, Camp Verde, there’s other communities around that are treating their businesses and tax payers more respectfully than Flagstaff”  Rep. Bob Thorpe

4th SEGMENT (32:00-41:00)
Olivia and Jeff share their visit to the Grand Canyon in celebration of the National Parks 100th Birthday! Special guests include Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Supervisor Art Babbott, Knoles Choir Director Mr. Rauschenbach and President Theodore Roosevelt.

The Jeff Oravits Show, weekdays at 4PM.
ONAIR 97.1FM the Big Talker


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