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LD6 Race 2020: McDaniel Out. Babbott, Thorpe, Rogers, French Expected to Run

As discussed on the show today, current Coconino County Republican Chairman and past LD6 House candidate, and anticipated LD6 House candidate for 2020, Stuart McDaniel, withdraws name from 2020 race and will be resigning as Chairman. He is moving out of Flagstaff.

LD6 incumbent Republican Walt Blackman mentioned on the show recently he is running for re-election to the House in 2020. Current Coconino County Chairman Art Babbott in a recent visit on the show announced he is running as an Independent for the LD6 House seat.

Democrat Felecia French who ran in 2018 and came in third for the House is also expected to run but at this time it is uncertain wether it is for the House or Senate.

On the LD6 Senate side, it is expected the incumbent Senator Sylvia Allen will not run and incumbent Republican Bob Thorpe who is termed out in the House is expected to run for the LD6 Senate seat. Former CD1 candidate Wendy Rogers is also expected to run for the Senate which would set up a Republican primary challenge.

Current Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans name has also been mentioned as a potential LD6 candidate although no announcement has been made.

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