BREAKING: Rep. Thorpe Announces Arizona State Senate Bid

• Rep. Thorpe announced on the show today he is running for the AZ Senate in LD6.
• Also, the Thorpe amendment for SB1225 (AKA “the Flagstaff bailout”) passes committee. What’s this mean for Flagstaff and AZ taxpayers?

Rep. Thorpe Announces Senate Bid

The Jeff Oravits Show, Monday-Friday 3-5PM


  1. 10 June 2019

    Happy Monday. Mr Jeff

    Hope this very well and Ever Ready..for our June Bugs and return..of Warmer weather with our Horizons… In this you..may you have any opinions..if 5G any good or is the information , in this subject, shared with it suggests ? I have posted..this “maatter on my FACEBOOK acct., and no one..knows ?.. ! Thanks in advance and. Thank you very and so much.for your Sport show..You are # 1 ! I am grateful. Bye for now Very Truly Yours, Your neighbor, in Camp Verde Walter T 928-239-9263

    P.s. Happy Summertime..evenings with Smiles n Radio Hugs….Happy Cheers !

  2. After reading my email..I noticed..many errors including “sports show” and i did not was ! Very sorry and no ill intended, what so ever.. The automatic spell check..has always, to me..and is “impossible ” and this old man..cannot..keep up… do not get ‘old’ Mr Jeff.. Older-gracefully.. is Good n Plenty Fine.. Again.. Thanks a whole bunch..for rest of the Arizona-True stories and lastest “Taxes” and Political secrets..into our kitchens and horse pens….in Camp Verde or formerly..Fort Lincoln Have another Super Radio show today n Always… Sincerely Walter

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