VIDEO: Flagstaff Officer Involved Shooting

As discussed on the show, here is a link to the Flagstaff Police Departments body camera footage of the officer involved shooting that happened on Monday.


  1. Great show Jeff. But I’m appalled with the actions of our police and this officer in particular. What was the warrant for? If it was for anything other than murder. Fire that police officer and prosecute the officer for attempted murder. In the video the officer states that the suspect is usually chill. And then he attacks the suspect? People wake up. Who are the police “Protecting” and “Serving?” Protecting their own and serving the politicians. They are not keeping the public safe but keeping the public, “under control” much like a jailer would. Each law that is passed is giving power of control over ALL citizens and is justified by the careless actions of the few. Our desire to control others is a disease. Each law and rule is another brick in the wall imprisoning the citizens.
    Why do police insist on aggression to the extent of murder when they put themselves in positions where their foolish actions threaten their own safety? Police wonder why the have lost respect. This is why. You can’t force someone to respect you by force. The greater the force to oppress the greater the resistance. Th police need to learn how to deescalate situations. The militarization of the police in this country is out of control. What good is a tool if it is not ever used?
    Those of you blindly supporting the police beware of your 2nd amendment right. The police will be the ones at you door collecting you ability to protect yourself. They work for politicians not citizens. Just look at the FBI. They just attempted to take down a dully elected President of the United States!

  2. Very good video-display/narrative of.. and information..regarding this police incident. Of course.. if asking 10 different person’s opinion, there may be 10 different answers. The good cop and bad cop is the question ? without the video.. the narrative..explains the incident, normally positive, for law enforcement. By following the video…the relationship between these two individuals..seem friendly and civil. The officer did not handle the enforcement issue, positively and surprised the person, with a comment ?, & an implied warrant/physical-enforcement ? The officer was not professional and not a good cop. A common problem, in Arizona, at large. Law enforcement..should have better public relationship-communication of, the warrant issue, etc. and practice-professional enforcement, in kind. The person on bike, was not a displaying any ‘negative’ reactions, to the arrest, other than being surprised !. and what is..? The questioning, of where you live, how the bike is, repair of the bike, any weapons, etc. is not professional and.. if,,?..he was a suspect, of any kind ? The Maranda [sp] Law’s violations, of his rights. of course..**this law…started in Arizona, cuz of this ‘poor’ police-practices..herein, if I may. i am a retired Peace Officer and i know ‘bad’ cops and seen..their practices. I am a member of the Fraternal Order of Police, also. No matter…your great and Thank you, so much.

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