Flagstaff City Council Considering Banning Plastic Sleds

A proposal out of Flagstaff by Councilmember Jamie Whelan to ban plastic sled sales received enough support on Tuesday to move the issue forward for further consideration.

The push to ban plastic sled sales is in response to hundreds of used sleds being left in the forest around Flagstaff by those coming to the area for snow play.

Whelan also proposed another option, putting a levy (tax) on sled sales while City staff proposed having the sellers put labels on the sleds encouraging recycling.

Members of the Flagstaff City Council have proposed in the past to ban plastic bags and there’s a big push to ban straws in the City as well. The sled issue is moving forward for further discussion and consideration after receiving the required support from three council members.

Jeff discussed this issue on the show with guest co-host Rob Wilson. Listeners chimed in with comments & suggestions. Jeff calls the whole thing utterly ridiculous and another waste of time & tax dollars. PODCAST of this topic from todays show is now available.

From the Jeff Oravits Show – Flagstaff to ban plastic sled sales?

The Jeff Oravits Show, Monday-Friday 3-5PM

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