Greg DeCross of Joseph City Announced Candidacy for LD6 House

Greg DeCross of Joseph City is running for the Democrat nomination for the Arizona House of Representatives in LD6. He talked with Jeff about why he’s running including…
• Energy Policy
• Abortion
• Democrat Party Going Too Far Left
• Impact of Flagstaff on the District
• & more!

Greg DeCross Part 1
Greg DeCross Part 2

The Jeff Oravits Show, Monday-Friday 3-5PM


  1. The strongest candidate in the race is Arthur Babbitt I am sick of the two-party system and that is why I chose to be an independents are going to be the deciding factor is a credible candidate because it can bring people together instead of the sleeping Democrat Mary Evans is what I call an opportunistic who’s gonna be butchered by Doug Ducey at least is somebody that will work with the government and a good example of this is United States Senate

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