From Show 670: Vacation Rentals, Medicare (4ALL), Dem. Debate and more!

Interview with Senator Sylvia Allen gets picked up statewide. Governor Ducey throws support behind Senator Allen. Plus vacation rental followup, who’s property rights trump?

Sen Allen Reaction — Property Rights and Vacation Rentals

1/2 of millennials still getting an allowance? What! These are 20-30 year olds!

Millennials Allowance — Vacation Rentals

Jim Frogue, who was a senior health care advisor to President Trump in the 2016 election chimes in on the Democrat debate.

Jim Frogue on Dem Debate

Yodeling, medicare for all and tomorrow, tune in for Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Yodeling and AG Brnovich Tomorrow!

The Jeff Oravits Show, Monday-Friday 3-5PM

One comment

  1. Medicare will be forever changed and service delivery it will affect the urgent care facilities today so they go wrong while you into urgent care facility and get what you need. This initiative will drive healthcare backwards rationalizing and make it hard for regional hospitals like Fmc no one communicates of their system

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