National Forest Service BANS Swimming at 4 popular lakes

A listener called in to the show to inform me that she went to one of her favorite lakes in Northern Arizona, Kaibab Lake near Williams, a place she has been swimming at for many, many years. She was greeted by large signs put up by the National Forest Service informing her and others that swimming has been banned! Here’s the entire segment from the show.

Swimming banned!

I called the Kaibab National Forest administrative office and they confirmed that four lakes, Kaibab, Cataract, White Horse and Dog Pound Lake banned swimming in June of 2018. According to a representative with the Forest Service, the reason for the ban is because the lakes are reservoirs for the City of Williams.

There are many other lakes in Arizona, and across the U.S. for that matter that are reservoirs, Lake Mary in Flagstaff, Lake Powell in Page and Lake Mead near Las Vegas to name a few. Is swimming going to be banned there too?

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One comment

  1. Thanks for sharing this important subject regarding OUR lakes, forests, etc with your radio show fan club! Glad to be a member of that club, Regarding OUR Lake Mary, we now pay only $9 to float, swim, kayak, etc . Last year we paid $10. Very few years ago FREE FOR ALL happy tax payers. Ofcourse we still may swim with the fishes as we inhale and sip the water infused with whatever is floating out of the motors on the speed boats, jet skiis, etc. We are our own floatation devices as we float today in DRY LAKES behind MT ELDEN. : ) Jillian & Tom Farrell of Flagstaff’, Williams and British Columbia Canada Happy tails to you until we meet again on the radio where Jillian looks better than on her tv show !

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