1. Great review of…Banning of swimming..in popular lakes. Sometimes common sense..does not make ANY SENSE ! Too bad..for us local residents. Rules and regulations should be explained so..citizens could understand…Why ? Thanks for sharing your ‘good and common sense’ with us…listeners. Appreciate your great show ! Thank you so much, Mr Jeff

  2. Mr Andy Tobin’s comments about Mexico’s trade with Arizona…sounds wonderful and the rewards..of this trade..in the Verde Valley is What ? With all the industry and big business and all the business and worker’s taxes…why is our taxes ? so high and every year..another tax increase, etc. We appreciate your focus…on these ‘projects’ and more taxes, so Arizona governments, can increase employees’ benefits,etc. But on the good citizens, of Arizona. If the hard working people, need more money, than their posted wages ! let the private industry, assists with their needs. Soon…our dear governor…will be paid $ 500,000.00 and that will not be enough ! Thanks again…for your great show and presenting current events and issues…with our cities and state’s improvements. With the state, forcing another roadway…from Cornville and Camp Verde…the locals, will have to make up..the differences..$$$ money needed..for the NEW state route..we do not need or want. As Verde Independent News, stated: Camp Verde is reviewing a 2nd coming and Camp Verde’s city manager, Mr Martin’s $ 500,000.00 +/- procurement procedures via Town Council, for their easier spending…with their approval, without citizen’s voting for “major spending” for town’s projects, needs your attention, If i may..suggest. Many town citizen’s were unaware..of the $ 5 Million dollar for the Horse/Sporting Project, until they read about..its building, in the NEWS ! Happy Cheers Jeff..and Thank you again. The $ 3-4 Million dollar Town Library[citizen approved]…was thought..to be “a costly project’…BUT…Sorry for the long reply…but many…have bent..my ear..on town’s projects, gone thru the roof/money spent !

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