Trump Ad Removed by Facebook for using word “Women” and “Like You”

According to reports, a President Trump ad was removed by facebook because it violated Facebooks ad policies.

According to Gizmodo facebook wrote, “Can confirm we notified the campaign that the ads violate policy,” a Facebook spokesperson wrote in an email to Gizmodo.

Trump Campaign FaceBook Ad.

The ad violates the FaceBook policy that states “content that asserts or implies personal attributes”. According to Liz Harrington of the RNC the use of the word “women” and “like you” is a violation.

Liz Harrington of the RNC explains what happened and what the Trump Campaign would need to do to make the ad conform to Facebooks policies. And for good measure Jeff re-writes the ad to make it gender neutral!

Also discussed, the Women for Trump Rally in Mesa, AZ. Here is the info of you’d like tickets.

The Jeff Oravits Show, Monday-Friday 3-5PM

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