Chairwoman Dr. Ward on AZ political landscape + INCOME TAX POLL

Dr. Ward discusses the political landscape in Arizona from the Senate race to local legislative races including the primary between Allen, Thorpe and Rogers (LD6) and she offers up a solution to stop a bitter primary.

Dr. Ward also discusses an auction going on right now.
The Republican Party of Arizona is auctioning off three signed paintings of President Trump by American political artist Jon McNaughton, including a one-of-a-kind portrait of the 45th President of the United States!

Kelli Ward on political landscape in AZ
Kelli Ward on GOP auction

The Jeff Oravits Show, Monday-Friday 3-5PM


  1. Talk about criminal justice reform it should be most important topic in 20/20 as well as how to figure out gun violence in a bipartisan matter keep interviewing Gov. Ducey Walter Blackman and other legislators as well as some of the candidates and some issues that might impact Arizona in 2020

  2. Why are you so one-sided show would be a lot better if you listen to both sides you need to address the problem state and local government and federal government communicating and collaborating with one another

    1. I welcome all sides on the show. Most conservatives come on, most liberals do not. I am a conservative host but I welcome everyone on for a fair and lively discussion. You have someone specific in mind?

  3. Please interview some of the Democratic candidates there are some very good ones okay leg it’s important for your listeners to both sides

  4. Art Babbitt the independent candidate for legislative District 6 and Felicia French of District 6 she seemed pretty sharp. I definitely would hear supervisor Babbitt maybe Brian Bates who is a candidate for District 2 County Board of Supervisors
    as well as Patrice Horstman candidate for District 1 County Board of Supervisors
    just give us a little bit more of a diverse perspective for your audience to listen to I enjoy you so very much I wish we had another local talk show host that covers local issues like you

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