Zachery Fountain of FUSD discusses school closure due to cyber attack

First segment of show with Zachery Fountain 

The Jeff Oravits Show, Monday-Friday 3-5PM

One comment

  1. I was educated in the Flagstaff school district. I find this extremely insane for the parents I grew up in the 1980s where nothing like this would’ve never happened school board should just last week Sedona red Rock high school was on lockdown which leads me to think as a member with moms man action a local chapter here in town that works with gun violence parenting is so much different today, my parents and deal with I really feel sorry for the teachers the school board should take personal responsibility and open the schools what if Northern Arizona University and CCC do this this is a very complicated issue that we don’t know a lot about but what I do want you to talk a bit about what is there is a claimant town hall meeting on climate change I like you talk a little bit about that show and talk about how people need to stop freaking out and just go have a drink see a movie and get their mind off of this controversial

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