You want urban farming? Jerry Nabours says move to the country.

With Jerry Nabours

The Jeff Oravits Show, Monday-Friday 3-5PM

One comment

  1. Someone who grew in Oak Creek Canyon I want to say the city say that urban farming is wrong. as ridiculous. I went to the climate change town hall meeting last Saturday and there is one thing I learned that people in Flagstaff are hypocrites they say they want to be sustainable but yet they don’t know they don’t understand the economic implications of I am part of the group that is trya choosing community here in town for the city to tell people they can do urban farming is absolutely wrong because as we began to deal with the effects of climate change urbans part of the important recycling system that is of benefit to the community of people need to realize is they need to change their habits . You and Jerry are absolutely wrong and you cannot talk to people to move out of the city just because they want to do urban farming. I disagree with you both wholeheartedly on this issue of course if people want to live in the city of course they should be able to practice urban farming.
    This is a great example of government should never encroach in people’s choices People in the city should be able to do whatever they please and how to live their lives you gentlemen are absolutely wrong I think you should leave Flagstaff

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