1. Listen to the podcast California burning it is a podcast that talks about wildfire and I think it would be a good topic for your show one of these days because what does this say what happens in California the l the West will follow. It’s worth a listen to I would like you to invite them for service people on the show to see what we can do climate change wise to keep our forest healthy I would like to know that from a local perspective because I see a lot bark beetle trees and sooner or later the Grand Canyon national Park was going to be a huge threat wildfire

  2. Blocking Cars from using San Francisco Street in Flagstaff is a terrible idea! My Family has had businesses down on San Francisco Street I. Flagstaff, Arizona back in the 1970′ + and City Council and any other City Officials do. Not have the right to ban Cars from travel on San Francisco Street! Stop acting like you own Flagstaff! Bad idea! This Town does not belong to City Council etc.!!!

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