Show #735: 700,000 CA born now in AZ + Tucson Sanctuary City Vote Tomorrow + Electricity Rates Going Up?

Part 1:
Does it matter which university you go to?
Gun grabbing Beto is out!
Tucson sanctuary city vote tomorrow.
Part 2:
Listener email about FLG Mayors race.
Part 3:
The recycling failure! Study claims 91% is trash!
Councilman Charlie Odegaard texts Jeff, he’s coming on tomorrow!
NGS and coal, what’s next?
Another electricity rate increase from APS?
NY Businessman visiting AZ kidnapped and taken to Mexico.
Part 4:
Mayor Evans points fingers re: minimum wage, loss of tax revenues and jobs.
US reaches $23,000,000,000,000 debt, strangling future generations economic opportunities.

Don’t miss Tuesdays show at 4PM with Flagstaff City Councilman Charlie Odegaard and Joe Galli from the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce.

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