Highest vote getter in Arizona?

So who got the most votes in this election cycle? Well, you may be surprised because it’s not a who but a what. At just about 60% support, legalization of recreational marijuana received 1,864,761 votes in favor of the initiative.

The next biggest winner percentage wise at about 52% support was a 3.5% income tax increase.

In fact there were only three statewide vote getters that garnered over 50% support. Legal weed at 59.94% as well as prop 208’s tax increase at 51.89%. The third? The third was the only statewide candidate to get over 50% support, Senate Candidate Mark Kelly at 51.44%

Categories: elections, State of Arizona

3 replies

  1. Those voting in favor of 208 will be sorry. many think the tax won’t hit them but they are wrong. It will. And if they think the increased tax revenue will fix our horrible education system they are also very wrong. As for Mark Kelly, people fell for the TV ads. They were slick. That, along with the McCarthy supporters who simply hated McSally probably made this possible.

  2. Eh. Martha McSally fails to inspire support all by herself.

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