Biden holds onto lead in Arizona with few votes remaining.

With less than 10,000 votes remaining to count in Arizona, Joe Biden’s lead stands at 11,434. A win in Arizona gives Biden 11 electoral votes and puts him at 290. 270 is the magic number to win the Presidency.

President Trump continues to fight on the legal front in several states including Pennsylvania in an effort to gain its 20 electoral votes. Georgia, where Biden has a slight lead, has begun a hand recount.

President Trump gained tens of thousands of votes in AZ since Election Day when some networks called the race early for Biden. Up until Thursday it seemed Trump had a shot at flipping Arizona back into his column.

According to George Khalaf of Data Orbital, it’s unlikely Biden’s lead will be reversed. Legal challenges by the Trump campaign are currently over just a couple hundred votes. As for a recount, Arizona law triggers a recount at a 200 vote differential. Several lawmakers have told the Jeff Oravits Show that they want to revise the recount requirement to a higher figure for future elections.

Over 3.4 million Arizonans cast their ballot in the record breaking 2020 race.

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