Show #998: Public Servants?

0:00-16:00 Politicians making rules but not following them!

Jeff’s rant on our so called “public servants”, professional lifelong politicians and the bureaucracy that never leaves, including those CA public servants that lock down their state as they jet set off to Hawaii for a good ol’ time while you stay in your “region”. 

16:00-32:00 Public servants?

How many would jump on one foot and do exactly as the “public servants” say if they tell you it’s for your own good. 

A caller asks about the “great reset”. Jeff shares info from the world economic forum and their three priorities for the reset including collectivization, wealth taxes and more. 

Obama’s third term, the death of individuality, and the cult of group think. 

Great historic advances rely upon the individual, not the group. 

32:00-43:00 What was said about Trump supporters?

Public servants outsourcing the dirty things! More on the “great reset”. What did AZ Sec. of State say about Trump supporters?

43:00-59:00 NMA CEO Rich Nolan

National Mining Associating CEO Rich Nolan talks about coal and other mining in AZ, supply chain challenges, and globalization. Plus Rich talks about China’s international mining play and what it means to the US.

The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday-Friday from 4-6PM on 97.1FM The Big Talker and can be streamed at

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