Show #999: Elisha Dorfsmith on Loss of Freedoms, Lockdowns…what’s to Come!

0:00-17:30 Hey Newsom, come take my turkey leg!

Elisha could not imagine a world like we have in 2020 when he got heavily involved in politics in 2007.

Do we have a free market? Politicians and their lockdowns, the hypocrisy of our public servants, and the complacency of the population. Jeff dares them to come take his turkey leg! Which states will remain free?

17:30-29:00 New pastures & shoveling snow

Why is Elisha moving on from Northern Arizona? The death of common ground and ultra polarization!

29:00-43:00 Political burnout, pools, and beer!

Pools, beer, and life after politics. Was Elisha paid for by the Koch Brothers? Do people want freedom and liberty? The collective falling into the trap of government assistance! Jeff is pessimistic for the masses but optimistic for the individual go getter that goes against the stream. The government needs to end long term social safety nets while helping people short term. The bubble economy, real estate, stocks, bitcoin, and more. The eminent economic crash that’s been coming for decades?

The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday-Friday from 4-6PM on 97.1FM The Big Talker and can be streamed at

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