Show#1000: Jeff’s 1000th Show

1000 shows and counting! Looking back on some of the thousands of topics covered over the past four years with thousands of guests, great co-hosts and listener comments from throughout Arizona and beyond.

This special show features past guests including Congressman Paul Gosar, NFL great Herschel Walker, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Donald Trump Jr., Peggy Grande, Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rogers, Jeff Flake, Rob Wilson, Eva Putzova (well not really), Rudy Giuliani, Sara Benatar, Art Babbott, Bob Thorpe, Shanna Nelson and Rand Paul. 

Also featuring frequent guest co-hosts Elisha Dorfsmith, Jerry Nabours, John Kistler and past producer Chaz. Jeff’s daughter Olivia makes several appearances! Jeff’s son Owen goes to Graceland. And a huge shoutout to Jeff’s daughter Isabel for her behind the scenes production work!

Plus callers from Arizona and beyond chime in. 

Join Jeff at 4:06PM for show #1001 when he returns from Thanksgiving break on Monday, November 30th on 97.1FM and

Categories: Flagstaff, national, State of Arizona

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