Show #1016: Open lines w. Haughwout and Becher

Open line Wednesday with guest co-hosts Mark Haughwout and Jane Becher with callers chiming in on Trumps rejection of the $900 billion stimulus and $600 checks to Americans while foreign nations receive billions.

A caller talks about how it’s hard to get a house but that’s the way it’s supposed to be and the younger generation wants it easy.

Jeff opposes stimulus and bloated spending, equating it to paying someone else rent while not being able to pay your own. 

Olivia chimes in on her favorite Christmas movies and her big ask! 

A studio glitch (all the mics went out!) puts Jeff in studio C with Jeff and Mark discussing how hard it is to get building supplies, the price of housing and more!

Jeff thanks a listener for their generosity!

Categories: Flagstaff, State of Arizona

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