Show #1021: Debt, deficits, “AWoman” & FLG doubles down on dumb!

0:0030:00 Happy New Year? Jeff spends the first half hour of the program breaking down America’s fiscal problems (to say the least) including: • Record deficits • Record debt • Record dependency!

30:0043:00 Congress put the “D” in dysfunctional! ($600!, “Amen” and ‘Awoman” and more!)

43:00-62:00 City of Flagstaff doubles down on dumb! Last week Jeff told you about the City of Flagstaff offering to window-dress vacant commercial space with artwork to fight covid and economic decline! Now they have a new plan. What do you do during a massive economic downturn when people are losing their livelihood and more…well, you remodel the entryway to the library! The seriously out of touch City of Flagstaff continues to live in an alternate universe.

62:00-73:00 Olivia & Owen describe a “rotten” weekend for the family dog! This includes bees, electric fences, and strange animal heads! Plus, how’s the first day back to virtual school? Olivia responds! Finally the family goes hunting! How’d they do?

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