Show #1022: Biggs, Education, GA Senate Race

Jeff takes some time to discuss the importance of the GA Senate race! But are there too many RHINO’s in the Senate in the long run?


Are parents finally pulling their kids out of the public schools and taking back education?

Listener Comments…


Ed chimes in and whines about how he’s is “tired of Jeff” whining about the national debt. Jeff decides to talk about the national debt some more!


Ed chimes in again and has a suggestions for Jeff’s stimulus money! Jeff fills Ed in on how badly the Federal Government screwed up the stimulus!


A listener calls about who he donated his unneeded stimulus check.  Jeff thinks people missed his point about “not needing the money”. Before Jeff was a “greedy landlord”, he waited on tables!


Another call about the stimulus checks! Why’d we send so much money overseas? +++Are there levels of socialism? At $600 are you less of a socialist? How the government screwed it all up!


A caller suggests former Flagstaff City Councilwoman Eva Putzova open a small business in Flagstaff and “operate a small business with her own money and see how well she does in the environment she helped create”

Freedom Caucus Chairman Congressman Andy Biggs


The importance of the GA Senate race. Why does it matter? Biggs lays out what the Senate will look like either way.


What’s the process for Wednsdays joint session of Congress to seat the electors? Congressman Biggs on how he thinks it’ll play out. 


What happens to the country with the Democrats in full control? Congressman Biggs breaks it down including a border surge and even more out of control spending!


Does anyone (R or D) even talk about the debts or deficits anymore? Giving $$$ to Pakistan for gender studies…what’s that? Are foreign countries laughing at us?


Is there a new border surge coming? 


Some optimism for 2021 from Congressman Biggs


Jeff wraps the day up with concerns about election integrity and what happened to all the ammo? 

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