1027: Biggs, Becher, Olivia


Legal options to force in-person education?

Jane Becher continues to lead the charge to get kids back into the classroom. Her group has hired a lawyer to try and force the issue. Jeff and Jane also discuss Governor Ducey’s comments about getting kids back into the classroom and funding of “empty seats”. A bigger long term question, do some parents even want their kids to return to public school?


Ron Paul gets locked out!

Jeff recaps the Parler issue. Plus former Presidential candidate Ron Paul got locked out of his Facebook account, Facebook said oops, our fault. But what if you’re lower profile than Ron Paul? Plus, careful what you ask to be banned! You may be next!


Parler Sues & Tribalism of America

Parler sues Amazon. Tribalism in America! People are voting with their feet, dollars and now even social media accounts. But is the siloing good for the country? +Jeff goes over the high and low points of Governor Ducey’s State of the State address. 


Congressman Andy Biggs 

Discusses last weeks violence. Congressman Biggs condemns the violence and discusses how the rioters have “destroyed our message, our cause” and  have “given a narrative to Democrats”.  What’s this all mean for our republic going forward? 

With only 8 days of Trumps presidency remaining, why bring articles of impeachment and why incite the 25th amendment? How is this going to bring our country together?

What’s the future to bring with big tech, section 230 and anti trust issues!

How Congressman Biggs stopped unanimous consent attempt by Democrats to incite the 25th Amendment. 

What’s the future of the Republican Party and Conservative movement?

His thoughts on the next eight days. 


Olivia Reads the Mail

A quick update on Governor Ducey’s State of the State. The Governor is now “clarifying” his no dollars for empty seats comment.

Olivia joins Jeff to read some listener emails including thoughts on funding education and stimulus checks. Jeff pushes for school vouchers for all! Time to fund public, private and home schoolers! 

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