Senator Ugenti-Rita + Jane Becher

Show #1047: Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Sen. Ugenti-Rita + Jane Becher 


Opener: Watched documentary on the 2010 Stuxnet computer virus, Zero Days. State and other sponsored cyber warfare is a huge threat. Then there’s this!

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Protesters Gather Over Wages

Small group gathers at Sen. Sinima’s office in Phx to demand $15 federal minimum wage. Senate recently voted against adding this to $1.9trillion stimulus bill. Pres. Biden promised to enact. 

One protester said this to AZ Republic, “I was hosting (Tuesday) and I went home with $4. I went home and cried myself to sleep,”; she said tips are less, less guests and people get mad over masks! (Jeff relates story of his own) 

Protestors are demanding $15 min wage but how does that help them keep their jobs if there’s less business and owner can’t afford?

Wages at a glance: State $12.15, tipped workers $3 less, Federal $7.25, tipped $2.13. 29 states higher than Fed$. 




Opener: Timberline Firearms & Training Valentines Specials!

Listener Comment on minimum income…socialism happening, might as well happen fast so everyone can see how bad this is going to get.

HB2773: Alcohol delivery. Introduced by Rep. Jeff Wininger. Delivery was allowed early on through EO by Ducey. Judge ordered it stopped. Will it help beleaguered restaurants and bars? 



Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita 

  • Jeff is four weeks off the social media wagon!
  • Why was Senator Ugenti-Rita banned from Twitter?
  • Status of her bill to end Governor Ducey’s nearly 12 month emergency declaration. 
  • Billions in surplus? Not so fast! Senator Ugenti-Rita gives Jeff the real scoop on the “surplus” and what it means to our children, children future!




School Update with Jane Becher

Opener: Biden to announce school opening plan Wednesday. 

Jane Becher is a parent who has lead the way with protests and put pressure on school boards to open up! She updates on next board meeting, how the board justifies closure when most other area schools have been open for most of school year?

Christian, a senior at Flag High helps to organize a student protest against continued lack of in person school.

  • What’s a virtual day like?
  • What’s been the impact on students? (Depression, loss of critical experiences, sports)? 

Protest planned? Jane and Christian organize a protest. 

Jane talks about the next steps?

Christian, two questions:

  • Had you known last March what you know now, would you have done things different?
  • Path forward/plans after high school?

Schools Re-Opening?

  • CDC guidelines Wed?
  • Vaccination not needed?
  • Ventilation upgrades?
  • Social distancing
  • Masks?
  • Smaller  classes. 
  • Lots of$$$?
  • Nothing new here. 
  • Teachers unions will flip. Why end make money while at home?



Stimulus Update 

Listner comment on jock straps.

Super Bowl Followup 

Listener comments about super bowl, Nielsen delayed in releasing ratings, down 5% but streaming way up!

Show me the money!

Senator Mark Finchem Removal?

  • senate dems push to remove him. 
  • He attended rally on January 6
  • No evidence he went into cap, as was case for most present
  • Removal for attending event?
  • Unlikely, 2/3 support needed. 

Open line Wednesday preview! Former Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours will join for 2 hours of live Listner comments! 877-971-3971


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