Congressman Gosar + Sidlinger & Becher

State bills flying through the hopper!

The legislature is moving fast. Bills on school choice and vouchers, bills on social media bans, sports betting and more! Jeff breaks down a few bills that you should be aware of. 


Bruce Sidlinger on censorship! 

  • Word banning? People getting blocked, maybe even banned on social media for using the wrong word. What word did Bruce misuse and what’s his punishment? 
  • Banning someone on social media! What if the government uses social media? How will lowly citizens get info if they’re banned?


Jane Becher, Grades, Vouchers & Epic Fails!

  • School grades not counting? Gov. signs bill.  What’s it mean?
  • Finally, a bill everyone can get behind, even teachers unions! Vouchers for all? Legislature pushing private school vouchers!
  • Is it time for some leaders to step aside? Jeff thinks so!


D.C. Update with Congressman Paul Gosar

  • Social media censorship and section 230 exemptions! Watch what you wish for, you may be censored next!
  • Final outcome of Senate trial. What’s to come?
  • Throwing money we don’t have at problems we don’t seem to be fixing. 
  • How do we take back this country?
  • How do walls/fences work in D.C. but not at our border?
  • How is the eviction moratorium Constitutional?
  • Stimulus?
  • Bad gun bills discussed!

Tune in Wednesday at 4:06 for open line Wednesday and chime in with your live comments at 877-971-3971

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  1. The only way to deal with the Socialist is to lay siege to D.C.

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