Councilwoman Salas, Bruce Sidlinger, Bubblewrap vs. Living Life!

Show #1054: Thursday, February 18, 2021

Councilwoman Salas, Bruce Sidlinger, Bubblewrap and Living Life!


Sex Ed, Red Light Cameras and more!

Jeff starts off with info on a renewed push for reparations, more on gun control plus an update on more Arizona legislative bills including:

  • banning red light cameras
  • optional mask mandate 
  • ban sex education k-3 (Jeff recalls the infinite universe of gender and cyborg as a gender!)
  • bill for inmate feminine hygiene products. 


Life outside the bubblewrap!

Jeff talks about living your life to its fullest. We all have an expiration date, stop being wimpy! Plus more on plexiglass hallways, bad (and good) school boards and the lack of a plan for a plan for the plan! What message are we sending our kids in the era of bubblewrap and hand sanitizer! NEW LEADERS NEEDED ALL AROUND! Walls in D.C. to keep the “subjects” out but no walls at the border? What’s that all about?


Councilwoman Regina Salas 

Jeff talks with Flagstaff City Councilwoman Regina Salas. 

  • City is in moderate recession budget planning. How short are they? Or are tax revenues growing? How big is the city budget?
  • Are people traveling? Councilwoman Salas reveals the BBB tax revenue and what it may mean.
  • Building permits are way up! What’s driving this?
  • Retail sales are also up. What’s driving the increase?
  • Barriers to business? Well yeah! But what’s being done?
  • When can I go in person to address my elected representatives in Flagstaff? 


Bruce Sidlinger, Internet going down under!

The News Media Bargaining Code? WT$?&

Australia has some weird new proposed law that FaceBook disagrees with so FaceBook pulls the plug on news links. What is this bill and is FaceBook the good guy or bad guy on this issue. Businessman, investor and educator Bruce Sidlinger explains the issue.

Plus, the tyrants in California are at it again. This time they want to seize private property! But its for the “greater good”! Watch out Arizona, more Californians about to flee! WELCOME TO AZ, REMEMBER WHY YOU LEFT CA!


Olivia Reads the Headlines

Olivia returns to the show to read some “surprise” headlines to Jeff including:

  • Texas deepfreeze, food and water problems
  • Synthetic meat. Yum!
  • Bankrupt HOA
  • And turn down the gas

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