Bar Owners Take a Hit + Owen talks Rush!

Show #1055: Friday, February 19, 2021

0:00-26:24  Impacts of Mandates on Bars and Bowling Alleys
Bar owners continue to operate at very limited capacity. But rent needs to be paid, the government still has their hand out for full property taxes and other expenses mount!

Ron Getto, owner of Starlite Lanes and Dave Delos, President of the Arizona Licensed Beverage Association (ALBA),, share their experience over the past year. What’s the plan to end mandates that have restricted their operations? Why is the government officials not offering to compensate for mandates they’ve imposed? With no end in sight, what’s the future of these struggling businesses?

Paying 100% of Property Taxes while ordered to operate at 50%
Property valuations are going up! Governments demand full property taxes! Yet bars and bowling alleys are ordered to operate at 50% capacity! What a disconnect! Remember, we’re all in this together, unless you’re a small business owner, then your SOL and on your own!

Why pay $100,000 for a liquor license? (HB 2773)
The issue of the value of liquor licenses also came up. There’s a house bill that will open up liquor delivery for other businesses at a very low cost. But what about the bars and liquor stores that paid $100,000 for their license? Is there a plan to compensate those that paid a higher price? Once again the hand of government blind to their unintended consequences! 

26:25-43:32   Masks and Plexiglass! Dumb and Dumber!
Jeff looks back on a busy week with issues like mask mandates, plexiglass hallways and more!

43:33-64:17  Herd Immunity and Banned Words!
Herd immunity by April? Jeff told you this is what would happen a year ago! Way to go experts! Was it all worth it?

Listeners comment on schools and teachers unions, bikes hogging the roads and Mark’s Idaho Stop proposal. PSA, don’t ride your bike in a snowstorm!

Jeff discusses big tech censorship with clips from Bruce Sidlinger and Congressman Paul Gosar…and Kahn from Star Trek? Key words… “killed” “phasered” and “died”

64:18-70:00  Owen’s Tribute to Rush Limbaugh

Board of Regents picks a new NAU President. Will this one interact with Flagstaff better? Rita Cheng exiting about a year after travel-gate controversy. 

Texas was seconds or minutes away from power grid failure. Plus store shelves bare. Didn’t we learn anything in the past year about being prepared? Jeff discusses. 

70:01-74:33 Owen pays tribute to Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh legacy lives on!
 Owen talks about Rush Limbaugh’s children series of history books and the impact it had on him.

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