Joe Pitts, Jon Riches, Taxes, Energy and $15/hr Min. Wage

Show #1057: Monday, February, 22, 2021
Joe Pitts, Jon Riches, Taxes, Energy & $15/hr Min. Wage 

Joe Pitts Explains Biden’s Climate Agenda

Joe Pitts discusses his recent article breaking down President Biden’s energy plan.

  • Carbon neutrality by 2035? What’s that mean? No cars? Nuclear? Windmills? Unicorns? Jeff and Joe discuss.
  • A federal push for “Sustainable homes”. How much is that going to cost and how will that help/not help affordability? 
  • Regulatory expansion in Biden’s plan. That sounds expensive!
  • A young persons perspective. Is climate change the biggest thing for young people? 
  • Carbon tax scheme gains steam. Joe explains. 

591 Page Stimulus Includes National $15 Min. Wage

Jeff has downloaded the proposed $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package. It’s 591 pages and includes a national $15/hr minimum wage. Job killer? Robots taking over? Jeff explains!

Plus, where will AZ minimum wage be? What about Flagstaff, a City that already has one of the highest minimum wages in the nation?

Link to stimulus bill:

Taxes, Ukraine Apple Juice, Covid Lawsuits 

AZ Wealth Tax explained. (More with Jon Riches later)

Where’s Jeff’s apple juice coming from? Pretty far away!

Seattle to pay $10k to settle lawsuit that cleared out homeless encampment on public land. Coming to AZ? How about that city sidewalk in front of a commercial building?

Spouse sues company for bringing Covid home. A first of many? CA of course!Plus, stimulus increases unemployment benefits. 

Goldwater’s Jon Riches on Wealth Tax
The Goldwater Institute continues their lawsuit against Prop 208, Arizona’s newly passed “wealth tax”. How will this impact Arizona’s economy? What about small business owners? With Arizona now in the bottom ten of tax friendly states, the importance of overturning this ill conceived law is important to Arizona’s future economy. 

Is U.B.I. Coming to Flagstaff?
Mayor Paul Deasy of Flagstaff tweets support for Universal Basic Income. Jeff says this is coming! It starts with support by mayors and snowballs from there.

More on Democrats $15 national minimum wage being proposed in 591 page stimulus bill.

Time to home school? How about those San Francisco school board members caught on the hot mic! “They really don’t like you!” Public service is so much easier without people! The peasants should just shut up and let the elites in “cubicle think tanks” rule over them! Jeff shares a local school board that lectured some parents!

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