Sidlinger: America on strike? But we need plumbers! +Rep. Finchem discusses Sec. State run

Show #1082, Tuesday, March 30, 2021

(0:00-1:52) Jeff starts off with $2k/month…where will this lead?

(1:53-19:30) Next up, Rep. Mark Finchem returns to discuss why he’s running for Arizona Secretary of State!  Convo. turns to elections & what he thinks AZ should do to secure elections

(19:31-20:44) Jeff gives the Findlay Toyota ? of the day.

(20:45-30:22) Jeff answers a listener ? about “home rule” +++ the mask war between Gov. & Mayors in AZ concerns listener. 

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(32:08-35:22) Sperm count is down! 

(35:23-43:16) Bruce Sidlinger ponders what would happen if plumbers didn’t go to work, like teachers did! Bruce also defines his ideal wife!

(43:17-46:45) Looking for geodes? Spot near Payson but watch out for dragons!

(46:46-64:33) Jeff and Bruce Sidlinger ponder an America where people stay at home and get money! Oh wait, that already happened!

(64:34-74:18) How to lose $10billion in a weekend. Jeff discusses Archegos Capital and Bill Hwang who used an exotic derivative called contracts-for-difference. Didn’t we stop this stuff in 2008? + A listener asks why FLG still has mask mandate. Finally, Jeff gives some startling stats on those facing eviction.

Categories: economy, elections

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