NY exodus continues! Gerald Celente, “I can’t stand it here anymore!”

Show# 1084: Thursday, April 1, 2021

Gerald Celente of TrendsJournal.com and Jane Becher with an education update!

(00:00-27:30)  Gerald Celente: Is Gerald leaving the state he loves, NY?
Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal, http://www.trendsjournal.com returns to the show to discuss Vaccine Passports, “free states” vs. repressive states (like NY), how politicians are ruining some states,  billionaires getting trillions and trends in health and trends with millennials.

(27:31-44:16) Fed Buck$, April fools & AZ mask wars
An April fools joke! + Fed Buck$ gets one step closer to reality! ++ AZ mask wars continue but numbers remain low!

(44:17-60:32) Jane Becher: Kids became political pawns!
Jane Becher was instrumental in getting AZ kids back to in person education. What’s next? Are more kids going to private schools? Any chance of vouchers for all? How you can get dollars towards private school and more!

(60:33-75:03) Emperor Commodus and Roman Parallels!
Jeff talks a bit about Roman history. Are there parallels in todays world? + Are you going to need a VaxPassport to fly? Airlines are looking into it! ++ Restaurant owners can’t find workers! Jeff ponders why?

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