Banning Covid passports in AZ, stopping federalization of elections. Rep. Roberts, Sen. Ugenti-Rita, Mark Haughwout.

Banning Covid passports in AZ & stopping federalization of elections. Rep. Roberts, Sen. Ugenti-Rita, Mark Haughwout. 

Banning Covid passports!


Representative Bret Roberts House Bill 2190 would ban vaccine passports in Arizona. + what’s the status of Covid liability protection for AZ businesses ++ another bill to protect AZ from Biden’s Federal overreach. 

Executive orders  & cdc travel recommendations 


Jeff explains why a ban on vaccine passports through executive orders is a bad idea + CDC with new travel recommendations ++ airline travel up but down +++ AOC most ineffective member of Congress ++++ Yellen on global corporate tax rate 

OSB, construction costs & naked skiing. 


Mark Haughwout returns to discuss found gold, well not quite, but OSB is expensive ++ going broke on overruns +++ electric cars and unicorn power ++++ a National Forest complaint regarding masks & naked skiing. 

Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita discusses federalization of AZ elections. 


Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita discusses HR1 and the federalization of Arizona’s elections + AZ Cardinals send a letter ++ curbing the Governors executive emergency powers

Too many trees? Why charge a permit?


Jeff expands on doing things through executive order vs. legislation + Jeff’s grievances with the National Forest Service and firewood cutting fees ++ why would you stay in NY, major tax increases coming!

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