Border crisis grows + infrastructure without infrastructure ++ mask mishaps!

Show #1087: Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Border crisis grows + infrastructure without infrastructure ++ mask mishaps!

0:00-17:32 Lora Ries of Heritage Foundation on Biden border crisis!

Lora Ries, is a Heritage Foundation senior research fellow for homeland security, she coauthored a scathing editorial regarding what is being called a predictable Biden border disaster!

17:33-43:23 Bruce Sidlinger: Real hummers, fake infrastructure & airports to nowhere!

Bruce has a “real” H1 hummer? EV Hummer coming. The good re. EV vehicles but where’s the common Joe/Jane EV? + The infrastructure plan that forgot the infrastructure ++ Alien in real life?

43:24-57:53 Ken Cuccinelli: AZ acting on voter issues!

Ken Cuccinelli is the former Attorney General of Virginia and Acting Deputy Secretary at DHS under President Trump and is now heading up the election transparency initiative with Susan B. Anthony List (SBA) + Ken discusses (AZ)HB 2569 passing on a party-line vote. It would ban officials at all levels of government — city, county and state — from accepting private funds to help pay for any aspect of election operations, including voter registration. + HCR2023 opposes HR/SR1

57:54-74:15 Jeff on mask mishap and Covid lability law!
Covid liability protection makes it so plaintiffs would have to prove “gross negligence” or “willful misconduct” 

Tax deadline extended, now due Monday, May 17 to match federal extension. Only applies to individual income tax returns. Estimated payments continue still due on April 15.

Jeff shares a mask experience!

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